Katherine Donahue, LISW

Katherine Donahue, LISW

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Finding a good fit in a therapist is important!  If you feel comfortable and at ease in the therapist’s presence, feel understood, even “click” or connect on some level, you’re building a food foundation for getting what you want out of counseling.  By nature, my personality style is welcoming, genuine and straightforward, calming, and supportive.  I see the strengths in people and provide a compassionate presence.  I think hope and humor are critically important aspects of therapy and in life.

I provide individual therapy for adults only and primarily see clients for anxiety, depression, work and/or
academic stress, life transitions or difficult life changes, adults impacted by childhood trauma and family
of origin dynamics, PTSD, challenges with negative self-talk/thoughts, perfectionism, low self-esteem,
guilt, and shame. I greatly respect and admire people who seek out therapy for themselves whether it’s
those wonderful brave souls trying out therapy for the first time, those seeking to find a better fit, or
simply wanting to return to therapy work.

I incorporate a variety of evidence-based approaches to fit each client’s needs, drawing primarily from Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Mindful Awareness, mind/body based approaches, Polyvagal Theory, and working with our nervous system to achieve a greater felt sense of safety and connectedness.  I also use Compassion-Focused, Strengths-Based, and Solution-Focused approaches to support effective and meaningful change.

My career history includes providing mental health counseling to college students at the University of
Iowa. I’ve had the privilege of meeting amazing college students from all walks of life, and they are a
client population I truly love working with, along with teachers, faculty, and staff. I’ve also been a
trauma and emergency surgery social worker at the University of Iowa Hospital, a high school art
teacher, business owner, and professional artist. I have a B.A. in Art Education, a Master’s Degree in
Religious Studies, a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker. As
a therapist, I value my multidisciplinary degrees and career experiences as they provide multiple ways in
which to connect with clients and approach client concerns.

I accept Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance and most out of state Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.  My self-pay rate is $185 for your first session and $160 after that.

If you’d like to schedule a therapy session, or have questions about any services I offer, please use the form on this page to contact me.



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